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A subreddit to talk about the infamous paper mario. Sticker star is turnbased actionadventure game, for nintendo 3ds that uses the handhelds 3d capabilities to bring the visual style of the paper mario game franchise to life like never before. Paper mario sticker star nintendo 3ds 2ds game cart tested. Then head over to the area near the piece of the sticker comet and use your hammer to reveal hidden blocks that will help you reach the stickers. World 43 the enigmansion paper mario wiki guide ign. Sticker star game is a flatout epic new adventure, starring the mushroom kingdoms most famous hero in an elaborate papercraft world.

Justified in that her home, the sticker comet, passes by the mushroom kingdom only once every year. With the land positively packed full of stickers, mario will collect and use them to fight off baddies, uncover secrets, and more. If you want to get the secret door sticker and the shiny slaphammer sticker, hit the three hidden blocks underneath them. It is the first handheld game in the paper mario series. It is found in world 5, and the setting is a haunted and seemingly abandoned mansion. With the land packed full of stickers, mario collect and uses them to fight off bad guys, uncover secrets, and more. Paper mario nintendo 64 video games, nintendo 3ds paper mario. Sticker star on the 3ds, gamefaqs has 37 cheat codes and secrets. Gaming boulevard got the exclusive sticker book of paper mario sticker star on nintendo 3ds. However, the sticker too high to reach on the wall is a sign something is amiss. The developers intelligent systems and publisher nintendo released paper mario.

Deze plakplaatjes gingen dan in een boek, dat al snel gevuld werd met scheve stickers waar kreukels in zaten. Place a big shinysized battle sticker, megaflashsized battle sticker, or a thing sticker on the signs. If this sticker is purchasable at a store by the end of the game, this will list where and for how much you can buy it. It is also mainly red with a large golden star that the middle of the cover. Usage the sticker album is mainly used to hold marios stickers including the battle stickers, thing stickers, and scraps. The game includes a free overworld and a similar battle system. Stickers work by being peeled off in a sticker book, during battles or any time. Sticker star does not include chapters like the older paper mario games, well be dividing the walkthrough into different chapters to better organize the guide. Sticker star is an epic new adventure, starring the mushroom kingdoms most famous. Sticker star is often funny, thoroughly charming and a joy to play, but it is also just as often a touch too familiar, seemingly unwilling to really go out on a limb and do something. The thousandyear door, the wii game super paper mario, the 3ds game paper mario.

The game was released in north america on november 11, 2012 and in december 2012 in japan, europe, and australia. The game returns to the series rpg roots, as opposed to super paper marios platformingrpg hybrid approach, although its not what you would expect with the first two paper mario games. The thousand year door super paper mario paper mario. I will first do a walkthrough of the game and then add guides for all the bosses, all 64 thing locations, all secret door locations, all hpup heart locations, all hidden luigi locations as well as all 64 thing stickers in action. Sticker star is a 2012 roleplaying video game developed by intelligent systems and published by nintendo for the nintendo 3ds console. Stepping away from the popular sidescrolling gameplay in the super mario games, paper mario.

How to get a fan sticker if i used it be for i needed it f. Mariotv, as he uses stickers to battle enemies, solve puzzles, and make his way through an. That the game features stickers in enough varieties that would give. Stickers are the key to this imaginative adventure battles are turnbased like in the original paper mario game, but instead of an attack menu, mario whomps on his enemies using a sticker to attack.

Get stuck in and claim your free limited edition paper mario. He agrees to help his threedimensional counterpart and brother gather the paper toads and defeat. Sticker star a good game if you go into it without comparing it to the original paper mario games. After kamek is defeated, he attempts to slow them down by using paperization to pull the. Sticker star focuses more on puzzle solving, sticker collection, and features a storyline that goes deeper than the traditional save the princess adventure that mario games offer. Sticker star is the first game in the series with play thats as distinct as its papercraft appearance the paper mario series has benefited from its unique visual style and clever. Nintendo paper mario sticker star book promotional item.

It is also revealed that the boos found around the mansion were actually freed from a cursed book called the book of sealing by the mansions steward, and mario must trap all the boos back. Shockingly, north america gets a mario game before japan does. He first appears by saving mario and luigi from the threat of paper goombas. A paper mario game for the nintendo 3ds, released on november 11, 2012 in north america. The paper mario franchise has consistently offered mario fans an altview into the mushroom kingdom over the years. He gives mario an album page and flees, letting him deal with kamek. Stickers not only serve as marios attacks, but also help solve puzzles throughout the paper mario universe when placed in the. Take mario on an exciting paper adventure and help him repair the mess bowser has created using the powers of brand new stickers. This game returns the original format from the first two paper mario games. Nintendo paper mario sticker star sticker book rare. They are hidden throughout the environment and can do a number of tasks. Sticker star is an epic new adventure, starring the mushroom kingdoms most famous hero in an elaborate papercraft world.

Unlike super paper mario, sticker star and color splash. It also includes new partners with different abilities and personalities, as well as characters and objects in the overworld to interact with. The sticker album is mainly used to hold marios stickers including the battle stickers, thing stickers. The wiis paper mario tried realtime battles, with somewhat mixed results, so sticker star returns to turnbased fights. Sticker star eshop redeem code for free using our free eshop download codes that you can redeem on the nintendo eshop game overview. Its a very streamlined system that junks almost all roleplaying elements.

Is it just a legitimately mediocre experience, or do you think it is a good worthwhile game if it is judged as a new ip. Leaderboard guides discord streams resources forum statistics subgames. The game makes use of the systems 3d effects, as expected on the system. Sticker star check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question add your answer please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. The enigmansion paper mario wiki fandom powered by wikia. An imaginative paper mario adventure with a sticky twist. The next paper mario reminds me why i cherished stickers. Paper mario sticker star, star stickers, cute stickers, laptop stickers, sticker paper, new sticker, sticker shop, sticker design, full sleeves design. A cast of colourful characters will keep you laughing along the way as the familiar world of paper mario is brought to life in paper mario.

Mundo super mario super mario bros bullet stickers canvas art prints framed prints doodle wall mario party coloring book pages simpsons bullet sticker by wss3. Sticker star is a cute and lighthearted title with enjoyable gameplay that has a great puzzle component that is not overly difficult but still calls for some ingenuity now and then. Stickers can be used during battle to attack or heal mario. Marios wish is to revive kersti after using her as a sticker. Paper mario is the predecessor to the gamecube game paper mario.

Players must collect, purchase, and create stickers to use in battles to stop bowser from ruining things. Stickers in 2020 mario sticker star, paper mario sticker. Paper mario sticker star sticker book all pages gaming. Sticker star sticker book, users must register their copy of paper mario. Contentsshow description the sticker album is a pretty large book. Specific locations throughout the game where you can find this sticker. Sticker star in japan on december 6, 2012, in america, november 11, 2012. When mario enters, he is haunted by several boos in the mansion. All of my walkthroughguide videos for paper mario sticker star on the nintendo 3ds. Sticker star super mario wiki, the mario encyclopedia. Peel the sticker off the sign, and only the post will remain. Still, few mario games capture the magic spirit of being a kid as well as what i played of paper mario. It is the fourth installment of the paper mario series and is the first game in the series playable on a handheld console. Sticker star beoordelingen, geheimen, cheats, lage prijzen 19.

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